5 Male Indian Models You Need To Follow On Instagram

Tejas Krishna

Looking at these male models one thing is definitely clear, beard and buns are in trend.

You must have read and have gone through compilations of female models that you need to be following on Instagram. We thought why not try a bit of extra glam-sham (girls, heads-up for you) and bring some Indian male models to the lime light who are worth every glitter.

P.S: If you are a boy, don't dare share this URL with your girlfriend.

5 Male Indian Models You Need To Follow On Instagram

1. Nitin Chauhan

2. Smaran Sahu

3. Arya Bhat

4. Akshit Brar

5. Rajveer Singh

Got your own list of favorites, do leave their handles in comments below to feature them in next compilation.


*Image copyrights owned by respective models.


  1. It’s very great... I also want to share some details about male model information

  2. Kovid mittal anyday is best..karate black belt national swimmer..mountain climber and done so many ads n shows

  3. nice bro